I am a versatile artist and above all, a creator of ideas that took many different forms, from composition, painting, performance, songs to show business, cultural events, editorial and discographic production, always using the most current practises and aimed to renovate art to its main role in social life, letting people to transcend, imagine, dream and explore different sides of life’s perception.

Formerly from Calabria (south of Italy) I am Florence-based since 2001; my works have been selected for many shows and conferences across Europe, north and south America, Africa, China, Australia. All-round artist I am also the formerly organizer and production manager of the international festivalDiffrazioni” held every 2 years in Florence.



IIAT — Istituto internazionale di arte e tecnologia

Alfonso Belfiore - artist - director of music and new technology department - Conservatory of Florence

Maggie Jackson artist - art historian - Chester University 

Esther Lamneck clarinetist - director of woodwind studies - NYU -

Gema Fernandez Blanco Martin - psycologist - scientist - lecturer - UNIR Universidad Internacional de La Rioja





In 2016, I started my creative business NOYSS which portfolio includes events in collaboration and with the support of NYU, Chester University, university of Plymouth, Conservatory of Florence and the support of many cities in Tuscany. In 2017 NOYSS has broadened its scopes curating projects that include “Diffrazioni festival 2016” catalogue and a parallel discographic production featuring the publication of a cd of compositions performed during the 2016 festival. Recently NOYSS’ has released the Album “speak up”.

Since 2005 I am president of the cultural association “Fiesolearte”.  In my long and multi-faceted career, I have been a pianist playing solo and in ensembles, I have been a painter, I created electroacoustic compositions, interactive installations, performance and audio-visual works under the name of Paola Lopreiato. My recent music album “speak up” has been released under the name of NOYSS, which is both the name of my company and my pseudonym as a song writer. In 2013, I started a part time PhD in new media art at University of Plymouth. My research interests are on sound, multisensorial and consciousness. Since 2014 I have been publishing papers of my research on the Technoethic journal. I have occasionally taught acoustic and informatics in conservatories and held seminars on contemporary art.


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