Non mi bastava il ricordo

Non mi bastava il ricordo is an audiovisual interactive installation started during an artist residency at the Bundanon Trust in Australia. The video recordings that are part of this installation were, in fact, mostly filmed in Australia between Bundanon and Riversdale (west cambewarra) in December 2010.

The project, therefore, comes from a recent life experience but also includes images and memories from my past, from the region where I grew up in south of Italy (Calabria). The meaning of this interactive video installation is contained in places and memories. It’s a video installation that comes from the desire to connect, interact and to merge the world I’ve discovered in Australia, which is new to me, unknown, distant and unfamiliar to the world I come from: the usual, the fully internalised, my roots, my past…

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It is an installation that incorporates in one environment 14 monitors and which has as its main characteristic the creation and representation of repetition of gestures throught the videos broadcasted on the monitors. This representation of the multiple repetition of daily actions and not, is constantly changing and totally engages the viewers, making them also an integral part of the work. The repetition generates concentration and distraction at the same time, focus and shade of the observed object. The viewers are not placed in front of the work in a detached manner, but they are in it as if they were in a parallel reality. The monitors are placed around the room and the viewers in order to observe have to enter and observe the installation from different points of view and listening. The movements of the public and its various points of view and ways of enjoying the work determine the change of the installation, even changing the outcome of the work and its interpretations. The subject of the images in the video is repeated gesture and the eternal return; the multiplicity of monitors spread in the room amplifies, intensifies and reinforces the meaning and content of the videos themselves:

"Repetition is possible, and which is the meaninig of repetition? One thing gains or loses to be repeated? (...) The repetition is a crucial term that expresses what “reminiscence” was for the Greeks. Greeks taught that every knowledge is a recollection: in the same way the philosophy of our day proclaims that all life is a repetition. Repetition and memory are the same movement, but in two opposite directions. Because the object of remembrance was, is the direct repetition backwards, but the repetition itself is the remembrance directed forward (...) those who lived must acknowledge, if hey have courage, that life is a repetition (…) "

From the book the repetition of Soren Kierkegaard.


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