Paola Lopreiato
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Noyss - speak up

to try to speak........ 




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In my long and multi-faceted career, I have been a pianist playing solo and in ensembles, I have been a painter, I created electroacoustic compositions, interactive installations, performance and audio-visual works under the name of Paola Lopreiato. In the past 10 years my electroacoustic compositions  have been often performed in festival and conferences around the world, especially the one in collaboration with clarinetist Esther Lamneck and used for my video art works.


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After a long period of artistic research, here is  my first album "speak up" - Enjoy!




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I always include my electroacoustic compositions and videos in my theatre pieces. I am actually working on a new multimedia show that will include most of the track from "Speak up" album, to promote its release.



  • Umori mediterranei
  • il giardino della mente
  • E primamente vidi la luna