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This performance is a definition of a visionary space, which continuously overlaps with reality.  This performance is not a traditional narration of facts and is not even a description of abstracts things; is rather a word of “essences”, is a world of living things and a world of things that come to lifeIn the three parts of the performance three different pieces of a woman's life are represented. The meaning is left to the audience.

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Il giardino della mente


Multimedia Performance

And he and I, perplex us

If positive ‘twere we

Or bore the Garden in the Brain

This curiosity.

“The Garden in the Brain” is a definition of a visionare space which continuously overlaps with reality.

“Garden” means a mental space, a theatre open to incessant mutations. Time and places in which the Artist begin investigation on her self, are not causal. The garden, which is a real and external, attached to the word mind, which is something interior, share the same quality: mean, in fact, a limit, aboundary and, simultaneously, the transit between two places and two times, contact between the two dimensions of the outside and the inside, what is and what is not yet. Proceed in the performance, listening and watching, is like walking in a building. One room after another we find more and other items already viewed, items you do not understand the use of, or we do not know the function. The rooms are open to broad perspectives, real or fake, to a whole vision or a detailed vision. There are many repetitions, memory is always stimulated by similarities but also by strangeness. At the and of this journey you maybe do not have a consciousness of which was the plan of the building, similar to a labyrinth, not even which was exactly the destination. The main thing that remains is the perception of a feeling. This is the meaning of “the Garden in the Brain” , this is its content. 

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